Backwards 3 : How To Type It Ɛ – Easy And Simple Way

Backwards 3 : How to Type it Ɛ – Quick and Easy Way

Do you genuinely want to know how to type a heart-like symbol Ɛ?

The Ɛ symbol is famous as reverse 3, valid to write backwards.

If you don’t know how to type backwards 3, you will waste your time searching the symbols while writing in Word files.

Same as during uploading of pictures on social media or other platforms.

Experts use reverse 3 to express love online.

Further, some people use it to show deep heart feelings to their partners, as backwards 3 looks like a heart.

But don’t worry about that. I’ll let you know about reverse 3 in a pretty simple way.

Why has Typing Backwards 3 as Ɛ has been so Popular?

The use of reverse 3 is becoming popular among people as it looks like E and is best to use in tweets, messages, and status to share on social media.

Most useful is that it’s used to express love. Furthermore, it looks fantastic. That’s why it’s becoming famous nowadays.

How to type backwards 3 symbol – Ɛ?

The reverse 3 or Ɛ symbol is helpful to have a backwards <3.

Meanwhile, typing the reverse 3 is also quite tricky.

So to save your precious time in writing it, you can Copy Paste Ɛ from here.

What is the use of this reverse 3?

Reverse 3 is most widely used to express your love for your loving ones.

Further, it gives a heart symbol.

So, the X generation helps to show their feelings to their partners. 

What is the backwards 3 symbol?

The backward 3 or reverse 3 symbols are used in everyday writings. It’s a design that outsized the lowercase epsilon(reverse 3) Ɛ.

Most generally, it’s an ampersand that looks like an epsilon when it comes with a dot on top or downside. Same as it becoming epsilon when there is a vertical line on the above or its below side.

The backwards 3 or ɛ alt code Alt-code

To add backwards 3 in your Word documents, type 0190 in your Word document. After that, press Alt+X The resultant will be backwards 3(Ɛ).

How To Insert Backwards 3 In Documents

While using Google Docs or Microsoft Word on your MacBook, use the following method.

1. You’ve to click the Insert Tab in your Microsoft Word and Google Docs.

2. Then go to the Special Character in Google Docs). 

3. Here, select the Symbol.

4. You may select the symbol by typing the name in the search section, like 3 or Epsilon.

How to type backward 3 on Android & iPhone

Smartphones (iPhone & Android) are the best way to remain in contact with your loving ones.

When we talk about typing reverse 3 on your iPhone and Android, there is no proper method of writing it.

That’s why experts Copy Paste the backward 3 in their chatting during smartphones.

 Therefore, copy it (Ɛ).

Important Factor

You can use the Copy Paste method for laptop especially for MacBook.

Does this symbol – Ɛ look like a E?

Yes, it looks like E. Somehow, it’s seen as a reverse or backwards E symbol, along with reverse or backward 3.


What is the backwards 3 symbol math?

In math, the backwards 3 symbols are considered constant because their value is close to zero but not zero. Further, its variables depend upon the equations and are famous as epsilon.

Does texting <3 mean love?

Yes, it’s true meaning love to your partner.


Writing the reverse 3 in your writing is not rocket science. Still, it’s tricky. Besides the writing, it’s used for affirmation of love.

Same as it’s used in math and physics, so it’s a versatile nature letter. Use it in your writing and have a better influence on your reader.

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