How to Get a Custom Playing Status on Discord Mobile

Developers, especially gamers, love the Discord as you can see which game your friends are playing. No doubt, viewing the others game is quite incredible, but you may need to set a custom playing status while playing the game on discord mobile because youngsters like to show the playing status of different games even if they are not playing.

That’s why, here, you will learn how to get a custom playing status on discord mobile?

What is Meant by Getting a Custom Status on Discord?

Status on Discord shows our availability and current situation on Discord. In such a way, others can learn what you are doing or going with you.

In Discord, there are two types of status

  • Playing Status 
  • Availability Status

The status where Discord finds out the game is running on your mobile. The status shows the name of the game below username and game activity status as well. 

On the other hand, in case of availability status online, idle, invisible, and do not disturb are four statuses given to you by default.

All in the above two paragraphs we discussed was setting by default. But if you’ve to set something different that you’re not doing, then go to custom. Suppose you’re playing Roblox, but you want to show your friends that you’re playing Minecraft. No need to worry as it’s pretty simple.

How to Get a Custom Playing Status on Discord Mobile?

As you know, by default, there is no method through which you can get a custom playing status on discord mobile. But by sharing a trick from some experts, I’ll ensure you that you can also get a custom playing status.

1. Install the Yandex Browser on your mobile, available on both the iCloud store and Google Play Store.

2. Open the Yandex Browser, and set the browser to Run as Desktop Mode. You can make it possible by taping on three dots and selecting the desktop version. 

3. Now, put Extensions in the search bar and wait for results. After the results, tap on Chrome Web Store. That will be the first option.

4. Put the keyword Discord in the Chrome web store. After viewing the results, select the extension again.

5. Here in results, you’ve to find Set Discord Activity Add this extension to chrome. 


6. Now go to the Yandex Homepage by tapping on the home button. Search for and log in to your discord account

7. In your discord account, click on the three dots and select an extension. Now again, in extensions, click on Set Discord Activity and open it on the next screen. 

8. In Set Discord Activity, you will see a given option below, so click on Open one Here, you may need to refresh the page and you will get a preface like this. 

Now, time to Refresh the page, you will get like this

9. Now choose the Custom Option and type the name of the game you want to show your friends. 

10. In the end, click on the Set Discord Activity, your playing status is changed.


You have seen how simple this method is. Don’t feel it’s a boring trick. Besides, it will indeed work. During the first time, you will feel it complicated, but using it frequently will ease you.

If you’re using Discord on PC, there you can also get a custom playing status. The method of setting the custom status will be a bit different. Get your custom status and show your creativity.

The love of gamers to Discord is truly centrifugal!

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