How to Find Out Discord Role ID?

Are you a developer or bot writer and got sucked to find out your Discord Role ID? Do you want to change the permission of role ID during runtime? No doubt, finding the Discord role ID is vital, as it contains a unique series of numbers that help recognize the specific roles. Meanwhile, there are various methods to help you that How to Find Out a Discord Role ID?

In simple words, when you make a role in your server, an ID gets attached to it that is famous as Discord role ID. Let’s have an example if you’ve had a role “John” (ID: 8999fj4). So, when you type “8999fj4” in the search bar, ultimately the resultant role will be “John” or whatever roles you’ve entered or will enter the search bar. Here’s a condition that your server should have the role in your server which you entered.

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How to Find Out a Discord Role ID?

No doubt, you have to mention the role that you’ve or want to recover the role ID. For this purpose, open the server setting. Here, you will see a toggle that Allows anyone to @mention this role You’ve to turn it in as shown in the given picture.

After allowing anyone to mention the role, sending a message and replacing the role’s name should be your next step. Send a message that comprises \@RoleName, do all this by replacing the RoleName” with the name you want to find your role ID. Suppose your role isCoolRole,” then type \@CoolRole. Ultimately the result of sending this message will please you.

What are Role IDs in Discord?

Role ID is a representer of roles in Discord. Same as each role contains a particular ID that helps you identify the given role from another one.  

If you’re a Discord role, does it mean you’ve got the same role on all servers?

Having a sure role ID in one server doesn’t tell that you’ve got the same role ID at the rest of the servers. But if your admin renamed or deleted a particular role from their server. As a result, it will disappear from your server also.

What if you’ve to find a Role ID without having access to a Server Admin/” Staff/” Owner”?

For finding out the role ID of other users in your server, you indeed have to see the name of their Discord account. After that, you will be able to find out Role ID have no access to the server. 

Suppose someone is banned from your server, and you want to figure out their role ID. It looks challenging, but here’s a fantastic solution. If you have an administration in your server, you can get information about the username and ban the user. This opportunity is for users with higher roles on the server, and it will undoubtedly take some time. 

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