How to Flip/Mirror an Image in Google Docs

Google Document is an excellent opportunity for people to make and share documents. So, do you need to learn how to flip/mirror an image in Google Docs?

I’ll guide you about flipping the image using Google Docs on mobile and desktop. Besides, I did a deep research about collecting the data. The way I am going to tell you is pretty simple and concise.

At the end of the article, you will mirror the images on Google Docs. Additionally, Google Docs provides many features like cropping and editing images. I’ll display the flipping image method in two ways.

How to Flip/Mirror an image in Google Docs

As you know, it’s pretty simple but a bit tricky. So keep calm and learn it in chunks. Let’s throw it.

Inserting The Image In Google Docs

1. After opening the Google Docs, go to the Insert tab.

Inserting The Image In Google Docs

2. The place where you’ve to put the image on-page, don’t forget to take your Cursor there.

3. In this tab, you will see an Image Click on it.

Inserting The Image In Google Docs

4. Here you can select Upload from computer or Drive It’s all in your storage.

Inserting The Image In Google Docs

5. As a result, the image will be Inserted where your cursor will be.

Inserting The Image In Google Docs

Flip/Mirror An Image In Google Docs

1. Select the picture and Right Click on it and Copy the image.

Flipping the Image in Google Docs

2. In the toolbar tab on Insert. 

Flipping the Image in Google Docs

3. Click on the Drawing and press the New.

Flipping the Image in Google Docs

4. You will see a drawing tool where you will Edit the image. 

5. Right Click on the Blank page and Paste the image here.

Flipping the Image in Google Docs

6. Again, Right Click and go to Rotate

Flipping the Image in Google Docs

7. Now you will get Four Options, Select your appropriate option that either you want to flip vertically or horizontally. Further, you can flip in 90 degrees clockwise or anticlockwise.

Flipping the Image in Google Docs

8. In the end, your image will be Flipped, but I have clicked on Flip Horizontally, so my image looks like this.

Flipping the Image in Google Docs

Remember, the Google Docs work the same on MacBook and Windows as well.


How to go back to the actual image after flipping it?

To get back to a real image is as simple as flipping is. Simply you have to press Ctrl+Z on your PC. It will undo your entire work.

How to flip your required shape of the image?

Create or select the shape you want to flip. Then, click on its mid anchor and drag to the left side slowly until you achieve your required shape.

How to upload images in Google Docs?

There are two ways:

1. Copy the image from your storage and paste it into your Docs file. Remember to place the cursor where you’ve to paste the image. 

2. Go to the insert tab and click on the image section. Here you will get the option Upload from the computer. From there, select and paste to your Google Docs file.

How can you mirror an image in Google Docs?

Open the drawing tool and then paste the picture here. Now right-click on the image and select the rotate option. Moreover, in the rotate option, select the Flip horizontally. Your picture is successfully mirrored.


No doubt that flipping an image in Google Docs is quite tricky but straightforward. Still, you can get it like a piece of cake. Now you’re doing it on your desktop or smartphone as well. 

In this article, you have got two different methods of flipping images in Google Docs. The same will be the procedure when you use Google Docs on your smartphone. 

Don’t worry about the FAQs section. These answers are described in the details in the above paragraph. Bloggers and passionate writers get it good. Keep growing and keep learning with Power Micro Tech.

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