How to Add an Offline Screen to your Twitch Channel

Getting well-known about how to add an offline screen to your twitch channel is quite an incredible approach. Because of this, you can provide data to your watchers, and you can customize your channel when you’re streaming.

Besides, offline screens include things like your local Discord waiter, streaming timetable, and other social media handles. Same as a good media screen managing traffic in any event and helping to stay in contact with your local area. Even all this happens when you will not live.

Suppose you have a Twitch decoration, then offline banner twitch will truly help you. Adding to that, from the offline screen, watchers come to know that you’re not available for streaming. Adding your channel logo proves an excellent practice. In simple words, you’ve to upload a banner that will work for you even if you’re offline.

Twitch Offline Screen Size

After knowing about the offline screen size, you will be able to upload it. The Twitch recommendations are 1920×1080 with a ratio of 16:9. Further, don’t forget to keep the image size below 10 MB. Twitch Offline Banner Maker is the best tool to create magnificent banners.

How to Add an Offline Screen to your Twitch Channel

1. Open Twitch and tap on Profile Picture. After that, click on Account Settings.

2. On the Settings page, you’ve to rap on the Channel and Videos.

3. Now tap on the Brand and scroll down the page.

4. Scroll down you will get a Video Player Banner. Click on the Update button.

5. Click on the Upload a Photo and select the offline screen image from your files. Or you can drag your offline screen banner here.

Now your offline screen banner is uploaded successfully on your twitch channel.

In case the new offline screen doesn’t show on your channel instantly, you do need to worry. Give it a few hours then it will appear. Still, if an offline banner doesn’t appear, then open it in an incognito window. Further, you can check it after clearing your browser history. As a result, the offline screen will be on your channel.

Why Should You Add Twitch Offline Screen on Your Twitch Channel?

You’ve mostly seen many Twitch channels having different decorations, but the offline screen will make your channel unique. Even when a decoration has no offline screen, it can’t be considered an original decoration by your watchers. But the offline screen always gives a satisfying look. That’s why you should add an offline screen to your Twitch channel. 


To add an offline screen to your twitch channel is an amazing practice. You can engage your traffic even if you’re not available. So first, you should make a remarkable banner and then upload it by following my method. In the end, as a game streamer, you must use it. It will truly engage you.

The love of game streamers with Twitch channel is centrifugal!

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