How To Appear Offline On Discord

How to Appear Offline on Discord (PC & Mobile)

Do you want to remain updated on your Discord while in complete peace?

If so, let’s have a walkthrough of how to appear offline on Discord? Usually, there are always a lot of messages to deal with for an efficient gamer on Discord.

But if you get exhausted and your mind needs some rest, you still want to keep yourself updated on important messages.

Then you can set invisible mode, which helps you take updates but offline for others.

How To Appear Offline On Discord (Mac, Windows)

No doubt, Discord is user friendly and has lots of valuable features. So learn it’s another loving feature.

1. Open your Discord

2. Tab on your Profile Picture towards the bottom, parallel to the setting icon.

How to be Invisible on Discord (Mac, Windows)

3. Here you will get four options Online, Idle, Do Not Disturb, and Invisible. Select the Invisible.

How to be Invisible on Discord (Mac, Windows)

4. Now you will Appear Offline for your friends.

How To Appear Offline On Discord (IOS, Android)

It’s also quite familiar to invisible settings on the Desktop. Let’s throw these steps:

1. Open Discord on your mobile device.

2. Click on the Three Horizontal lines (hamburger menu).

3. Now on the right bottom side, tab on the Avatar.

4. Press the Set Status and select the Invisible mode.

The process will be the same for iPhone and Android users. Further, you can use multiple statuses for multiple servers.

Discord Modes and their uses


Online status is the most common mode of Discord. When you open your Discord, it will give a green dot on your avatar.

Your friends will get that you’re available for conversation or video call.


When you stay away from your keyboard while appearing on the app, then the app indicates idle status.

The yellow color appears next to your avatar. Discord automatically sets it when you only open Discord for a while. 

Further, you can also manually set it. Remember when Discord automatically sets idle mode while turning your back to the app will dismiss it.

Do Not Disturb

Do Not Disturb status only appears when you manually set it. Users put it when they don’t have it available for chat or other activities.

Some people also activate it when they have to do a proper job. Meanwhile, they want to be undisturbed. When there is a red circle, the user is in DnD mode.


Like DnD status, invisible status is also enabled by manual. Users turn it on when they have had to calm down while keeping themselves updated from important messages.

So when you allow it, you will appear offline for your friends.

Set a Custom Status

Custom status is a fantastic thing about all the four statuses of Discord. With it, you can set a particular time for all four states.

So with it, after a fixed duration, status goes off.


Can you tell if someone is online but Invisible in Discord?

No, You can’t identify that someone is online but invisible. Even server admin can’t do so.

Because the grey dot on the avatar shows the person is offline, and there is no fixed symbol for invisible mode.

Can you appear offline for one person?

No, you can’t appear offline for a single person because Discord doesn’t allow a single status for a single person.

Can you hide your gaming in invisible mode?

Yes, you can hide. Because when you enable invisible status, your gaming and all other activities will be hidden from your friends.

Thus, no one will come to know about what game you’re playing.

How much time does an invisible status take to go?

It will take 45 seconds to show offline. When you turn off an invisible status.

On the other hand, if you turn invisible status, it will take 45 seconds to show your status offline.


The quick guidelines about how to appear offline on Discord are over to know. In addition, the method is accurate, as I deeply researched and applied before telling you.

Experts gamers on Discord prefer the custom status. Further, the FAQs section will help you. In case of more queries, you can ask in the comment section.

The love of gamers with Invisible Discord mode is centrifugal!

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