How to Change Profile Picture in Discord (2022)

The profile picture is what others you see on your username on discord. It’s also famous as an avatar. To impress the next body, a perfect username and admirable profile picture are quite important. Further, these things are also helpful to manage your identity in your discord community.

Now, are you worried about how to change the profile picture on discord? If so, I’ll guide you about changing profile pictures on Mobile and Desktop as well. All this data that I am providing you is well researched and valuable as well.

How To Change Profile Picture in Discord Mobile

Changing the profile picture on the mobile phone is quite simple, whether you’ve got an Android or iPhone. Here, some people get worried about the different setups of android and iCloud. But you should please know that discord on android and iCloud works the same and only with other displays.

So let’s discuss the steps for how to change your discord profile picture on Mobile:

1. Open the Discord app and tap on your Profile Picture.

2. Here you’ll get a User Profile option, Tap on it.

3. Now, click on your Discord image and Upload Avatar as well.

4. After selecting your profile, you can also crop and adjust your picture. If you don’t want to crop your photo, you can Upload it.

Remember, all the processes will be the same on Android and iPhone as well.

How To Change Profile Picture in Discord Desktop

1. Open the Discord app and click on the Setting.

2. The user setting tap will open, and here you will see an option Edit User Profile, Tap on it.

3. Now tap the Change Avatar option.

4. Now, click on the Upload File. Here you can also crop and adjust your picture. If you don’t want to crop your picture and satisfy the results, you can tap the Apply button.

5. In the end, don’t forget to tap on the Save Changes option.

Changing Profile Picture on Discord Nitro

Discord Nitro is a pro discord subscriber. Here you can also change your profile picture as GIF in discord. Meanwhile, upgrading the profile Discord Nitro is also a fantastic technique.


Updating profile, as well as a profile picture, impresses your friends on discord. Besides, it’s pretty simple to change profile pictures. In the end, to get incredible discord profile pictures, you can visit

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