How to Get Your Discord Token

Are you a developer and worry about how to get your Discord token in a pretty simple way? Not only developers, but even you can also learn it only by following few easy steps. No doubt, you can learn how to generate or create a new Discord token.

In general, a Discord token is a specific code by a bot, it has the authority to access your account without the Discord client. No doubt, the Discord token perfectly acts in encoding your username as well as password.

Basically, there are two types of Discord tokens, Discord BOT, and Discord USER as well. Besides, my article comprises genuine and simple information about Discord tokens. For, I spent hours and did deep research for you. As a result, the perfect trip is here.

Alarming Message! A hacker can hack your account using Token, so never share your Token with anybody. Remember, Discord admins will never ask for your token and password. 

How to Get Your Discord Token Using Desktop Browser for User

Finding the Token by Discord application is impossible, so you’ve to open your desktop browser like Chrome or any other. After that, follow the given few steps. Again remember, don’t share your Token with anybody.

1. After signing into your browser, look at the top of the right side of your screen. You will get three dots, so click them.

2. Here you will see many options, but you’ve to click on More Tools. Further, click on Developer Tools. For shortcut key: Windows: – Ctrl + Shift + I short, and for Mac: – Command⌘+ Option + I.

3. Now, you can get Developer Toolbox on the right side, and here you will find another thing. There will be a few taps at Developer Tool. Besides, you can create fake messages as the default on the developer tool.

4. Application tap will be in front of you. If not, then click on the arrow you will get.

5. Please pick up the storage. To expand it, make sure to double click. Now, click on This link will offer you a new chart of value and keys.

6. Go to the filter box. Here you’ve to type token. There will be nothing. Now, press Ctrl + Shift + M key together.

7. In the end, your Token will be in front of you, and now you can copy it.

How to Get Your Discord Token for BOT

Finding the Discord Token Bot is reasonably necessary because a Discord Token Bot helps to reach the Discord Bot. Same as its Discord Bot play a vital role in sending the commands back inside the bot code. In addition, after this, commands go to API. To learn its complete procedure, follow the given steps.

1. Click on the following link:

2. At the Discord developer dashboard, all your created Bots will be there. Suppose you landed the first time on this page, then go to New Application on the right corner of your screen.

3. You will see a box CREATE AN APPLICATION so type the Application and your Bot’s name as well. After that, press the create button.

4. As your Bot should be a bit more attractive to add a description along with your profile. Now, press Save Changes.

5. Now, move on the left-handed panel and click the Bot. Here, you will get a Built-A-Bot Meanwhile, you will find a button in Add Bot. Clicking on Add Bot confirms the operation.

6. At that point, a green message is waiting for you A Wild Bot that has Appeared tells that your Discord Bot is created.

7. In the end, your Token will be just at the right of your picture. And to see your token ID click the Reveal Token option.


Discord token is a beneficial thing and finding it reasonably necessary. Meanwhile, people, primarily newbies, find it challenging. That’s why I did research and found a quick and straightforward way to get Discord tokens for Bot and users. 

I hope now you will be able to tell a beginner How to Get Your Discord Token? Because an actual developer always loves to find new things because finding such things engage you. In the end, in case of any issue, you can be concerned to me as I will always be available for your assistant. 

Finding the Discord token is engaging! 

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