How to Make Someone an Editor on Twitch

How to Make Someone an Editor on Twitch (PC & Mobile)

Are you genuinely looking for how to make someone an editor on twitch? 

If so, then I’ll guide you about it in reasonable and straightforward steps.

A big streamer can’t miss it, as this arctic will tell you how to manage and give you a standard of hiring an editor. 

In fact, when followers grow on the twitch gradually, it becomes hard to manage the followers. 

That’s why experts used to add editors and moderators. 

Most people start managing their accounts as a VIP channel. 

Along with getting valuable information, you will learn the action difference between an editor and a moderator. 

How to Make Someone an Editor on Twitch (Desktop)

Under this act, you’ll change the title of your streaming and videos as well. 

Besides, almost all the experts used to do editing by this method. 

Let’s learn the most valid method that further helps you counter the BTTV emotes.

1. Open Twitch in your browser and log in with your account.

2. On the top right side of the page, you’ll see an Avatar tab on it.

3. Here in the vertical column, you’ll get an option Creator Dashboard Click on this tab.

4. Now there will be a Community option Just press it.

How to make someone an Editor on twitch (Desktop)

5. Aftermath, below the Community, there will open a Roles Manager.

6. In the current Dashboard, you’ll see a Search box. Now, in the search box, enter the person you want to make Editor.

How to make someone an Editor on twitch (Desktop)

7. The tab on the username permits you to select the Editor option or the Moderator.

How to make someone an Editor on twitch (Desktop)

8. After choosing the editor box, click on the Save button.

How to make someone an Editor on twitch (Desktop)

This is how you’ll successfully make an editor on your twitch channel. 

Gracefully, you can add mode editors using this method.

How to Make Someone an Editor on Twitch (Android Or IPhone)

No doubt, using a smartphone, you can make streaming as well as add editors to your time out of your leisure time. 

Experts used to do it when lying on the bed or wandering somewhere. 

The process will be the same for iPhone and Android users as well. 

If you think adding editors or editors through the Twitch mobile application will be challenging for you.

So, using your mobile browser, you can do it.

1. Open your Google Chrome and enter

2. On this page, look for Three dots in the top right corner. Click on these three dots.

(Android Or IPhone)

3. In this vertical column, click on the Desktop Mode.

How to Make Someone an Editor on Twitch (Android Or IPhone)

Now your twitch account will open in the desktop version. 

4. After putting the account login details, press on the Profile Picture in the right corner.

5. Now hit the Creator Dashboard.

6. In the creator dashboard, press the Community.

7. You’ll see the Roles Manager just below the Community Click on it.

8. Look for Add New on the top right side.

9. Type the Username of whom you want to make your account editor.

10. After that, again tab on the username, then in the newly opened box select the Editor.

11. Now hit the Save button.

How to Add any Editor to Manage BTTV Emotes

Using BetterTTV is more incredible fun in a twitch account. 

So the question is how to add an editor to manage or handle the BTTV emotes.

But before adding editors in BTTV emotes, remember to confirm that BTTV emotes genuinely work.

1. Log in to your account on the

2. After logging in, you will see Dashboard just between the Home and Emotes.

3. Now, on the left side, you see Editors in the third number, Click on it.

How to Add any Editor to manage BTTV Emotes

4. Click on the Add a New Editor. Type the Username who will be your BTTV account editor.

5. Now save the name by clicking on the Submit button.

In the end, your Editor can handle the BTTV emotes.

Difference Between Editors and Moderators In Twitch

Do you not think I guided you on adding editors and even suggested adding editors? Why not moderators. 

So let’s have a difference between the moderators and editors. 

Genuinely speaking, moderators and editors have different authorities and responsibilities.


1. The editor has power as well as duties to edit streams as well as video information.

2. Further, an editor can download the previous broadcasts and run commercial breaks.

3. Uploading, deleting, and reviewing responsibilities also go to the editor.


1. Moderator enabling process is quite lazy. A moderator is like an ordinary subscriber and access only chat mode.

2. Further, a moderator can ban users along with adding polls.

3. In the end, the starting, managing, and ending of predictions also come under the moderator’s responsibilities.

This is how the moderators and editors have led a twitch channel differently.


How Much do Twitch Editors Make?

The salary of an editor varies from region to region, the number of followers he has to manage. It also depends upon the working time and experience as well.

Why is there a Need to Add a Super Moderator on Twitch?

When your twitch account has a lot of followers, and you appointed more than two or one editors. 
Then there is a need to give more authority to one moderator from them. That’s why you may need to add a super moderator to your twitch account.

Can you add a Moderator and Editor to a Single Person on Your Twitch?

Yes, a moderator can be an editor on your twitch account. 

Can an Editor do Everything that a Moderator Can do?

No, both have different duties and power. If a user is serving as both editor and moderator, then there is the possibility that he can do everything.


Moderators and editors help steamers manage their accounts out of their leisurely life. 

So, learning about how to add it, you can divide your duties to your editors and moderator. 

Hire an editor and use it to handle more things in a short time. 

The love of twitch streamers with editors is centrifugal!

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