How to Tell if Someone is ViewBotting on Twitch

How to Tell if Someone is ViewBotting on Twitch

Are you a streamer and worrying about your small audience?

If so, then view botting proves a big deal for you.

Have you noticed that sometimes there is a sudden increase in the views of some streamers? 

You’ll think about the viewbot.

Now the question is how to tell someone is viewbotting on Twitch? 

So if an individual has hundreds to thousands of views, there will be nobody available on the screen. 

It means this channel is using a viewbot.  

The methods that I’ll tell you about checking the viewbot are testified and quite valuable. 

Further, you’ll learn what a view bot is, and how a view bot works?

What is ViewBotting on Twitch?

When a person without any intent watches your stream, then you’ll say it is a viewbot.

But it’s an artificial way of increasing the views or audience. 

According to their channel, people viewbotting when there is no proper audience on their channel. 

Therefore, if you’re a small streamer and your audience is not going up for the last few weeks.

Views are not even struggling and good content is streaming. 

Then it would be best if you viewed both, which is the perfect and last solution. 

That’s why if you’re demotivated from your audience, encourage yourself and apply viewbotting. 

Even experts or big streamers used to view bots at their beginning. 
Remember, the excessive use of view bots is offensive and risky in twitch streaming.  

What is Follow Botting?

When fake accounts have followed a channel, you can consider it follow-botting. 

These accounts look natural, and a script or computer controls them. 

Batches can detect these accounts. 
That’s why whenever followers dip suddenly, then you’ll be the victim of follow-botting.  

Why is botting bad?

Generating an engaging community is essential on twitch streaming to become a famous streamer. 

But the viewers or audience with botting are not interested or relevant to your content. 

Further, article engagement is also against the policies of Twitch. 

Same as on an individual level, a fake audience can’t prove a good audience. 

So try to avoid it and make your account more and more secure.

How to Tell if Someone is Viewbotting on Twitch

A body is using viewbotting or not. Finding it out is quite challenging. 

Even it’s not easy for experts to know about viewbotting. 

You can only guess that sudden increase in the viewers on someone’s channel, and then there will be a viewbot. 

Meanwhile, the raid by some big streamers causes a sudden increase in viewers on streaming. 

How to know if there is a View bot on Twitch

Honestly saying, there is no proper tool for checking the viewbot. 

In other words, there is not an apparent solution to any viewbot. 

That’s why experts extract some manual methods or steps of finding the viewbot. 

I searched out the most helpful and straightforward, even for beginners. 

Very Low Chat with High View Count

Shallow chat is the most popular method of checking whether the streamer uses viewbotting.

So if you observe a thousand live views, ultimately, the person has a decisive engagement and better viewbot indication.

There will not be any raid, even if they are on some extensive streamers’ views. 

The streamers chat to engage and send email spam with a hefty RAID tag. 

So this is how you can observe and identify the viewers as a bot or original ones.

Check Streamer’s other Social Accounts

We can satisfy only a single method of checking the view bot of streamers. 

Checking the liked social media accounts with the twit channel will be your second step.

If a streamer has good followers on his social media accounts, then there is an opportunity that he has not used the viewbot.  

On the other hand, if a streamer does not have good followers on his social media accounts and many viewers. 

Ultimately, the second number streamer uses a viewbot.

You will get another solid point for checking the view bot streamer from this step.

Scripted Chat

Bots are used to create a scripted message on their channel.

So if you see chats on streaming, and a large number of views, then the streamer is using viewbot. 

To clarify it, you should show your smartness and check whether it’s bot messages or real messages.

The fake messages would be like:

  • What’s up
  • Wow, I love your stream
  • Keep it up
  • Impressed
  • Keep it up

Check Viewers Profile

Checking the viewer’s profile.

Viewbotting profiles are named jofik and Mormon.

If they have followed a lot of channels, then it will be a viewbot profile. 

Further, such a type of channel has no twitch offline banner. 

The genuine profile always has a limited number of followers and twitch offline banners.   

So these are four steps to check out whether the streamer is using a view bot or not.


How does Twitch Detect Bots?

As you know, the twitch policies are against viewbotting. So twitch algorithms are constantly working against the viewbot. Therefore, twitch algorithms have specific counting about the number of followers and views.
Besides, they have fixed particular views on the base of followers.
As a result, twitch alogothim blocks your channel. That’s why Amazon charged from viewbots sellers in 2016.

Is Viewbotting Allowed on Twitch?

No, viewbotting is not allowed on Twitch. Although view bot is not illegal. Even Twitch can’t ban it immediately.  

Why are Bots Following me on Twitch?

Following-botting shows the fake accounts following your channel. 
Script and computer are controlling these accounts. That’s why they look natural. 
There is not a specific reason for not following on your channel. When you use a viewbot, then follow-botting increases, And if someone wants to block your channel, ultimately, he will want to add following-botting to your channel.

Are there Bot Viewers on Twitch?

Yes, view-bots are there on your stream.


Now, you learned how the view bot works and how to tell if someone is viewbotting on the twitch channel. 

Further, try to follow all the four steps of checking a streamer’s viewbot. 

Because every next step strongly argues the previous one. 

If you want to see view bots of the channel, you should understand that there is no future for viewbotting channels in the streaming world. 

I’ll be pleased to find myself answering your queries, so drop your questions here.

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