How To Turn Off Auto Emoji On Discord

How to turn off auto emoji on Discord is quite simple on Discord desktop, while it’s pretty interesting on desktop mobile. No doubt, emojis are the best way to show emotions when you’re chatting with someone. That’s why Discord automatically generates emojis regarding your chat. But in fact, auto-generating emojis are irritating. So I’ll tell you how to turn off auto emoji on Discord while using desktop and mobile phones as well.

How To Disable Emojis On Discord PC?

As the Discord desktop generates auto emoji, meanwhile offers a perfect setting to turn off the auto emoji on the Discord PC.

1. Click the Settings button after opening the Discord on your PC.

2. You will see an option Text & Images. Click on it.

3. Here, you will see Automatically Convert Emoticons in Your Messages to Emojis. It will be toggled on. Just turn it off.

Now your auto-generating emojis is Turned off.

How To Disable Emojis On Discord Mobile?

At first, Discord was built to connect people using the computer. But now people like to use Discord even on mobile. Here’s the truth, Discord mobile application has no features to auto turn off emojis. Even then, I’ll explain to you unique methods to disable the auto-generating emojis.

Let’s have a tutorial shortly,

1. To disable emoji, open in your browser

2. See in the top left corner and click on the three-dot icon. You will see Desktop Site tap on it.

3. Now press the Login button and put your email(or phone number) and password as well.

4. Go to the Setting.

5. Tap on Text & Images

6. Now turn off the toggled Automatically Convert Emoticons In Your Messages To Emojis.

In the end, the same settings will sync to the discord mobile app.


Most people like to ping emojis during the chat on every application, but auto-generating emojis don’t match with human emotions. That’s why people want to get rid of auto emojis. Therefore, I provided you with valuable information to turn off auto emojis in Discord on both desktop and mobile. To turn off the auto emoji on discord mobile is somehow challenging. Meanwhile, quite interesting. In short, how to turn off auto emoji on Discord is over. I hope you will find it helpful.

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