StandWith App

The world has evolved a lot since the beginning of time. But the real revolution was narrowing the communication gap.

The Standwith App also contributed a lot to that cause. Right now, there are dozens of communication apps on the Internet.

The messages that once used to take months to reach from one place to another now reach the desired destinations in seconds.

Patients could ask for any kind of help from their loved ones before they visit by using the Standwith app.

The app divided its users into three categories: 

1. Patients: The person who is admitted or in need of help.

2. Caregiver: The immediate relatives of the patient. (Parents, wife/husband, kids)

3. Supporter: Group of the patient’s friends and other relatives.

The Standwith app was built to assist in these matters. Because what is worse than seeing your close ones getting sick?

How can you stay in touch with them or help them if you are not there physically? That was the whole point of this app.

Because it is true that when someone gets sick, the last thing that person wants is tons of unnecessary questions.

How are you feeling? Does it hurt? We are here if you need anything; feel free to reach out to me anytime.

These “sometimes, empty” comforts do not seem to help the patient get any better. Why?

Because people have not been appropriately taught how to take care of their patients. They do what they see.

Just imagine, your friend just had an accident and is admitted to the hospital. Do you think he has the energy to answer that many questions?

And say that he did answer those questions, what about the rest of the “well-wishers?” Will he have to repeat the same answers again and again?

The Standwith app lets the patients provide the latest updates about their health to as many people as they want. All at once.

Moreover, the Standwith app has a list of suggestions of possible help that a patient can ask someone for.

By looking at the list, many patients realize that there is a wide variety of help options that they could never imagine asking.

Doing all of these things and still maintaining privacy is all the Standwith app was about.

The App features included:

1. Invite Supporters as a Patient: Where the patient could form a group of his family members to ask for any help he/she needs.

2. Post Tasks: Where the patient’s family could ask for the help that the patient might need, sometimes the help, they couldn’t have thought of themselves.

3. Categorize Supporters: Using this feature, the patient could put his circles into categories like family, friends, relatives, etc.

4. E-commerce Support: The supporters could send needed supplies to the patient instead of some flowers and bouquets.

5. Post Patient Updates: The family could post updates or pictures of their patient for the other specific categories.

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