How To Strikethrough Or Cross Out Text In Google Docs

How to Strikethrough or Cross Out Text in Google Docs

Are you looking for How to strikethrough or cross out text in Google Docs to emphasize the ideas in your writing?

Meanwhile, people use it to update text. You will love this pretty feature when you come to know it.

Besides, you can use cross-out text in Google Sheets and Microsoft Word. Don’t worry, as the text will be readable after crossing out.

You can add strikethrough to add one more choice in your writing.

Multiple Options to Writer

To make your test highlighted and crossed out, you can use multiple background colors of text and bold letters.

Meanwhile, font variations and adding a subscript or superscript make text valuable.

In the end, the use of strikethrough will make your text more beneficial for the writer and reader.

Becoming the master of Google Docs is also necessary for a good blogger.

Don’t worry, as it’s as simple as possible with keyboard shortcuts. Let’s take a dye in strikethrough (cross out).

How to Strikethrough or Cross Out Text in Google Docs in Windows

There are a few simple steps to add cross out in your text. Let’s have a look,

1. Get login to your Google Drive and open the Google Documents.

2. Open your file and select the text you want to Cross Out.

3. In the toolbar tab on Format.

How To Strikethrough Or Cross Out Text In Google Docs

4. Now press the Text.

How To Strikethrough Or Cross Out Text In Google Docs

5. Simply click on Strikethrough.

How To Strikethrough Or Cross Out Text In Google Docs

You can cross out a single sentence, half paragraph, or entire paragraph.


Select the text you want to highlight and press Alt + Shift + 5 Primarily, people got confused between Ctrl and Shift, so remember Shift wisely.

How to Strikethrough or Cross Out Text in Google Docs on MacBook

The same will be the process of iOS as of the window. Only there will be a change in a keyboard shortcut.


By keyboard shortcut, you’ve to press Command + Shift + X after highlighting the text you want to cross out. Recheck it to verify the line in the text.

How to Strikethrough or Cross Out Text in Google Docs on Mobile

1. After installing, open the document. You will be automatically logged in from the account you logged into your cell phone.

2. Select the text that you need to cross out. To select the text, you’ve to double-click on the work, and then you use a blue marker to expand the selected area.

3. Now press the Format letter.

4. Here you will see an S symbol. Tab on it, and as a result, your selected text will be crossed out.


How to undo the strikethrough or cross out text in Google Docs?

When you feel that you have crossed out unnecessary ideas, then select them. Aftermath goes to Format tap and presses the text. Again tab on strikethrough.

On the other hand, you can use the shortcut also. It will do when you click it one time, and connecting the second time will undo the crossed-out text.

Can you strikethrough text in Google Sheets?

No doubt, you can cross out the text in Google Sheets. Like Google Documents, you will see a Format tab. Click on it and follow the rest of the procedure. The same will be the process for android mobile, iPhone, windows, and iCloud laptops.

Why Should You Use Strikethrough?

Writers do love to have strikethrough tools in their toolkit. The best time to use it is to capture your readers’ attention. You can understand that the brands grab people’s attention by combining colors and foods.

In the same way, when you’ve to narrate something, you should use a cross-out tool. Adding some philosophical personality will be helpful with it.

The newspaper also comprises a cross-out use when it has to specify things. Further, in professional work, the original text is always in the form of a strikethrough. The rest of the text shows that revisions have been done.

Meanwhile, you can use it to strike through your to-do list. In short, it’s used to emphasize ideas in your text.


As you’ve learned, adding strikethrough is quite simple. The format tab is the main factor here.

No matter if you are using a MacBook or Windows. You can add it even on an android phone or iPhone by the same method.

In the end, I hope with this powerful tool, you will be able to cross out the essential ideas for your readers. For bloggers, it’s a pretty loving tool.

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